Examinations conducted in accordance with CAA standards and regulations
Civil Aviation Authority

Professional training and examinations leading to the following:

  • UK CAA, Flight Radiotelephony Operators Licence (FRTOL)

  • UK CAA, Air Ground Communication Service, Certificate of Competence

Air Traffic Control can only build an image of a pilot’s ability by the way they sound on the radio. Whether you are a fixed wing pilot, helicopter pilot, Microlight pilot or balloon pilot - Don’t become a statistic! Get yourself trained and licensed.

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What is radiotelephony?
Radiotelephony or ‘RT’ is the method of communication used by Pilots and Ground Personnel. It facilitates the transmission of important information and instructions. This information can be of paramount importance in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of an aircraft, whether in flight or on the ground.

Non-standard practice
The use of non-standard procedures and phraseology can cause misunderstanding, incidents and even accidents.

Congested airspace
The airspace in which you fly in is becoming increasingly congested and airspace infringements are occurring on a daily basis. Good RT is essential for the safe operation of your flight, no matter where you are.

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