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Planespeak links up with LOCSTAR to offer EASA conversion package

Airbus Training and Examining provider ‘LOCSTAR' have teamed up with Planespeak to offer a full 'non stop package' to a hassle free EASA conversion! Airbus pilots looking to convert to a UK issued EASA licence will attend any required training and LST in the UK with ‘LOCSTAR' UK/EASA TRE Capt. Steve Duncan.

Steve is a highly experienced A320/A330 family TRE(A) with over 10,000 flying hours on Airbus alone and offers Initial LST, LPC, ATPL, TRI revalidation on any EASA approved FTSD as well as base training and ferry flying.

Planespeak will complete examinations for the issue of the UK FRTOL and ICAO ELP and offer a paperwork checking service prior to application to the UK CAA for licence issue. This is a quick, cost effective and hassle free way of completing the process! contact us for more information.

PLANESPEAK chosen as RPAS RT Training Provider

Planespeak recently trained 7 (Remote Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) pilots for the UK FRTOL at an undisclosed location. The customer (who we are unable to name for security reasons) is a contractor for Government Agencies across the world, taking on large scale UAV operations. All candidates completed a two day course and passed with flying colours.

Planespeak Director and FRTOL Examiner Andy Moon stated, ‘UAV operations are growing drastically and the importance of pilots to have the option to speak to ATC can not be over emphasised. The two day course includes examinations that lead to the issue of the UK FRTOL and allows pilots to use the radio equipment to legally speak to aeronautical ground stations.’

Recent news - 13 January 2013

Single UK Distress and Diversion (D&D) cell

On 12 Dec 2012 the Scottish D&D Cell located at Prestwick will close. The London D&D Cell located at Swanwick will then assume responsibility for both the London and Scottish FIRs/UIRs.

All tasks and responsibilities currently carried out by the Scottish D&D Cell will be taken on by the London D&D Cell. The callsign “London Centre” will be used by the D&D Cell to cover both the London and Scottish FIRs/UIRs. The callsign “Scottish Centre” will no longer be used from the changeover date.

Any reporting action or enquiries which would previously have been made to the Prestwick Centre should be made through the Single D&D Cell at Swanwick.

New Bristol Airspace Guide (post Filton)

With Filton now closing, Bristol have released an updated airspace guide. An updated version will be released in 2013 with future changes to VRPs.


VFR Chart Frequency Card will be a download in 2013

Frequency Reference Cards will be available to pilots exclusively as a digital download from a date in March 2013. The downloadable cards are replacing the traditional hard copy versions which are being withdrawn.


Outlook on Airspace News, Changes and Temporary Restrictions

Airspace Change and Temporary Restrictions: Restrictions can and will spring up, so check NOTAMs and just before flight.


Planespeak chosen as RT training provider for Virgin Atlantic Airways

Planespeak recently attended London Heathrow Airport to instruct and examine eight Virgin Atlantic Airways engineers in radiotelephony, leading to the issue of the UK Flight Radiotelephony Operators Licence.

The course was conducted over two days at Virgin Atlantic's LHR maintenance training facility, with all delegates passing the CAA written examination paper on day one and the practical examination on day two. Engineers that are approved to taxy aircraft are required to contact Air Traffic Control on VHF frequencies for repositioning aircraft to and from maintenance, engine ground runs etc.

Michael Wallace, Engineering training manager for Virgin Atlantic Airways says, "As a group we found PlaneSpeak’s course very good and pitched at the right level for the delegates. The instructor’s knowledge and willingness to adapt the training to suit our organisation was key to effective learning throughout the course. Planespeak have a very good understanding of how the organisation works and we’ll certainly be using his services again in future."

Andy Moon, of Planespeak states, "I'm pleased to working with Virgin Atlantic Airways, delivering quality, professional radiotelephony (RT) training that meets their specific needs. It's not just about passing the exams and getting the licence It's about educating delegates on the importance of correct RT phraseology. As well as teaching the RT, i'm also aiming to improve their situational awareness on ground operations that can help prevent runway incursions, one of the CAA's significant seven. It was an enjoyable two days and I look forward to working with Virgin Atlantic in the future."

World class, premiership goalkeeper passes with planespeak

Marcus Hahnemann, Wolverhampton Wanderers & USA squad goalkeeper, successfully completed his PPL(A) this week after passing his FRTOL with planespeak. The soccer pro, from Seattle USA, came to planespeak for a one day course after successfully completing the theoretical part of the FRTOL. A exceptional quick learner, Marcus had no issues coming to terms with the CAP413 and after some tuition and a practice test, passed his RT practical with no sweat.

Marcus said :

"I have played football in front of 75,000 people and have faced one on one's from some of the best strikers in the world. Being a goal keeper, I'm used to being under pressure and have never lacked the much needed confidence for the job. But I was as nervous as anyone talking on the radio. Talking to the local guys was ok and I could get the calls out. However, talking to anyone else was a huge problem. I read the books, aced the written tests but putting that into practice was harder than landing in a 15 knot cross wind. planespeak's course helped me through the daunting task of dealing with that little comms button. We worked through all of the major calls and got the sequence down pat. Andy has a clear and concise way of teaching that brings all of the content together so it makes sense and is easy to remember. By no means am I a pro on the radio but he has given me the confidence to fly where I want to and not be afraid of talking to someone other than at my local airport."

FRTOL renewal

CAA releases listening squawk graphic

A downloadable graphic for the UK is now available from the CAA. Print it out for your kneeboard to see where you need squawk! Get it here.

Oxford Aviation Academy – another 3 pass first time!

Well done to three Oxford Aviation Academy modular students that visited planespeak this week for their FRTOL practical examination.

All three passed first time and will soon be starting their commercial pilot training, as part of the Oxford ‘Waypoint’ scheme.

FRTOL graduates